Dragi kupci, zaradi predbožične sezone lahko pride do zamud pri pošiljanju in dostavi vaših naročil.

Prosimo za potrpežljivost in se vam zahvaljujemo za razumevanje. Ekipa Monkey Mum.

We are doing well and we are very happy about it!

That's why we decided to help others in this difficult time. And we are not alone! 
We have you - customers - who rely on quality products full of frugality.
Only thanks to you can we be here for those who need it. And how do we want to help? Actually, somehow different. We started by adding JUJU crocheted plush toys to our range.
So what? - you ask ... the mother of a severely handicapped boy sews stuffed animals,
for whom it is both a source of income and a form of relaxation. You can find more about JUJU here. Then we collected CZK 5,000 for the Indian girl Diya, who will pay this annual tuition fee.
Thanks to you, Diya will get our natural education. And now we are contributing to Matyasek. A little boy who suffers from a very serious illness.
He is our hero and that is why we will collect CZK 10,000 with the help of you and your orders,
which will help his family pay at least some of the expenses associated with his treatment. And what else? With help, we decided to continue.
We will do whatever comes to mind and you will be very well informed about it.
Through our blog posts, posts on FB or Instagram. You will always be able to add, comment,
also help or come up with your own good idea. :)