After we collected over 25,000 CZK for Kristýnka for rehabilitation and exercise, we are starting a collection for Péťa, who is struggling with hypotonia, epilepsy, central vision disorder and mental retardation. But despite all that, he is a great fighter.

Who do we help?


My name is Péťa and I would like to introduce you to my story. I was born a healthy boy, at least that's what mom and dad thought. Shortly after my birth, my parents began to notice differences with healthy children. I was a very restless, crying baby and overall my development was not quite standard. I didn't want to be on my stomach and lift my head at all, I still couldn't do it and I still cried. That's why at 2 months my mother started practicing with me, first Handling and then Vojt's method. The doctor sent me for various examinations, and at 6 months, my mother and father found out the diagnosis after an MRI scan, which is brain atrophy, hypogenesis of the corpus callosum and central hypotonia. From then on, I got into a big fight with ours. Every day we practice Vojt's method, Bobath 4 times and in addition we have to perform an orofacial massage before every meal so that I learn to bite properly, stop drooling and maybe even start talking. We go to hippotherapy, I also went to the spa with my mother. I recently started going to occupational therapy and in September I completed my first intensive hyporehabilitation stay, which helped me a lot. That is why they recommended that I take it at least 3 times a year, but unfortunately these stays are not covered by the insurance company.

I am now 2 years and 2 months old and everyone says I am a great fighter. I can already do a lot of things, I climb beautifully, sit, so I still walk a lot, basically like a 15-month-old toddler. I'm just mentally at the level of a 10 month old baby. Unfortunately, this year the doctors suspected a CVI disorder (central vision disorder) and I also had my first epileptic seizure. Fortunately, the treatment is working and I have not had a seizure since taking it.

Thank you to everyone who has read my story this far and to everyone who will help me rehabilitate more and move forward in my development and options.

What exactly will the money from this fundraiser be used for?

The money will be used for hyporehabilitation stays, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, other possible rehabilitation (e.g. swimming) and possible rehabilitation, stimulation and speech therapy aids, which we will gradually need. If we manage to collect more money, we can buy Péťa additional rehabilitation aids at home or for additional payments for medical supplies for Péťa.

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