We are looking for Mlogers!

What is it, you ask? Mlog is just a monkey blog. :)

Who we 're looking for

- Are you a maternity mom?

- Do you identify with a gentle and contact motherhood?

- Do you like to write, take photos and are you active on social networks?

- Do you write interesting, catchy or funny lyrics?

- The advantage, of course, will be if you have your own blog to show ;-)

What we offer


- A team of amazing, active monkey mothers

- A place in a very fast-growing society with a cross-border reach

What we expect

- We expect effective mutual cooperation

- Once a week a quality, adventurous, fun and simply captivating mlog article on various topics (product reviews, friendly and contact motherhood, friendly and healthy lifestyle, etc.)

- Testing of our products, taking photos of lifestyle photos, making videos

- Activity on social networks

Do you want to become a Mloger?

Then write to info@monkeymum.com - write your name, why you want to blog, what a mom you are, whether you already have a blog, what you like to write, what you would like to write about, whether you are active on FB and IG and anything else you can think of.

We look forward to! Monkey Mum