Hope for Kačka and Péťa - let's return the mother to her twins

Kateřina (28 years old) and Petr (32 years old) from Březová u K. Varů are a couple whose dream has come true. After 5 long years of effort, twins Kačka and Péťa were born in April this year. Unfortunately, their mother suffered a stroke shortly after giving birth, her condition was very serious, she had to have a surgery, now she has a paralyzed half of her body and she has to learn everything from the beginning, to talk, to walk, but most importantly to understand. Now she will have to rehabilitate for several months, on Tuesday June 29 2021, she joined a rehabilitation facility in Kladruby. Father Petr now takes care of the children, grandparents of the twins help him. The village of Březová, in cooperation with friends of the family, announced a public collection to help.

The collection will finance the necessary rehabilitation care, personal assistance or medication. The money can also be used for barrier-free housing modifications. Funding will also be needed to provide for and care for children.

For each order, Monkey Mum will set aside CZK 10 for Kačka and Péťa. Contribute and help return the mother to her twins as soon as possible.

You can watch the video in Czech here.