Can I use the barriers on a 220 cm long bed?

Yes, you can install the barriers on a bed longer than 200 cm. However, when using one barrier, there will always be a gap of 5 cm on the side; when using more barriers, there will be a gap of 20 cm on one side.

How do I get out of / in bed? Is it necessary to climb the barrier?

The barrier is retractable - so there is no need to climb it. All you have to do is unlock the security lock (made in such a way that the child cannot unlock it himself) and pull the barrier down. Only the tarpaulin is pulled down to the straight mattress, the sides of the barrier remain at the top.

Is even one barrier stable in itself?

Yes, even one barrier is stable, but for greater strength and stability of barriers, the manufacturer recommends the use of 2 pieces or more.

What is the height of the barrier when it is completely pulled down? For example, can it be rolled up to only 5 cm, or will it remain at a height of 20 cm?

When the barrier is lowered, the tarpaulin is pulled down to the level of the mattress. Thus, there is no need to overcome any "obstacle" when climbing or climbing into bed. This is about 2 - 3 cm elevation above the bed slats.

Is it possible to put your barriers on the bed between the grate and the mattress - the so-called couch?

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the "feet" of the barrier are placed on the bed slat and are loaded with mattresses, it is not possible to install them on a bed without a slat and mattress. 

Can the barriers be installed on a bed with storage space?

Yes, it is possible to install them on a bed with storage space. However, if it is necessary to get into the storage space (and thus lift the entire bed slat), it will be necessary to remove the barrier and then put it back on.

We have a sloping ceiling in the attic apartment, will it be possible to insert a barrier on the bed, where in the lowest begins the ceiling at 70 cm?

The height of the barrier itself is 80 - 95 cm. It cannot be made lower or higher. Therefore, if you have a ceiling at a height of 70 cm above the ground, it is not possible to install a barrier here.