Complaint form

If you decide to make a claim in the legal order time, please contact us, describe the defect and send a photo of the defective product or part. It may also be that there has been incorrect assembly, we will be happy to help. You can use the claim form below (which can also be sent electronically) or simply tell us what the problem is and what compensation you require.

In the case of a claim, we will only pay the shipping costs if you use our shipping service. If you send the goods via your own carrier, you will only be compensated up to the amount of our transport fee.

Address for returns and claims: Na Křečku 365/5, Praha - Horní Měcholupy 109 00, Czech Republic, +420 725 441 733.

Always contact us before shipping so that we can order the shipping.

If you do not have the possibility to print the claim form, please put a note with the order number in the package.

(download in pdf HERE)

When sending the unpacked barrier back, use the instructions for repacking in the original box.


Addressee (seller):
Monkey Mum s.r.o.
ID: 07597851
Registered office: V Nových domcích 401/2, Prague 10, 102 00
Registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 303804
Telephone number: +420 725 441 733
for the sale of goods through an online store located at:

My name and surname:
My address:
My phone and email:

Exercising the right from defective performance (complaint)
Good day,
on (*) I created an order in your store (see order specifications below). By me
however, the purchased product shows these defects (* the defect must be described in detail here).
I request that the complaint be settled as follows:
- sending the right part (it is necessary to describe exactly what needs to be delivered)
- goods replacement
- return of goods and money

1. Date of order (*) / date of receipt (*)
2. Order number:
3. The money will be returned in the same way the customer paid for the order or to the account number: IBAN and SWIFT (*    )

(*) Strike out what does not apply.

On (fill in the place here), On (fill in the date here)
Name and surname of the consumer

List of attachments:
1. Invoice for ordered goods No. (*)
General instructions for making a complaint
As a consumer, you are obliged to prove the purchase of the item by presenting a purchase document, or
in another sufficiently credible manner.
As a consumer, you cannot claim rights from defects that you have caused or are concerned about
purchase knew. In the same way, for defects for which we have agreed with you, as the seller and the consumer
price reduction. We are also not responsible for normal wear and tear.
Complaints must be submitted within 24 months at the latest. Complaints must be made
immediately in order to prevent the spread of the defect and, as a result, to reject the complaint. Timely
By notifying the defect after it occurs, you can ensure that the complaint is handled smoothly.
The complaint is settled only when we notify you. If the statutory deadline expires, consider
this is a material breach of contract and you can withdraw from the purchase contract.