Do you have a baby at home and you are wondering what toys to buy it so that it is safe, easy to maintain, beautiful and at the same time so that your baby develops properly?

Do you want to avoid dubious plastic toys that can break easily and you and your little one won't benefit from their sound effects? How about getting back to your roots, to traditional Czech wooden toys, which your mother-in-law and mother-in-law will surely approve of?

Wooden toys are a pleasant return to our own childhood - which of us did not have a wooden duck, building blocks or a stylish wooden track at home? And do you remember how these toys managed to cheer you up, how you managed to engage your imagination thanks to them, and what beautiful castles and houses you managed to build with their help?

Wouldn't it be a shame to deprive your youngest of the possibility of similar beautiful experiences?

You don't have to worry that wooden toys won't entertain your children or that they won't miss anything if you don't buy them plastic talking animals or toy cars - today's toy manufacturers can create design pieces in a timeless minimalist style suitable for every child's room, but they won't brightly colored patterns that brighten up many children's eyes.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for a mother to decide to buy only wooden toys for her baby, as there is an inexhaustible number of them on the market. In the wood you can find children's kitchens with wooden equipment and food, motor aids for the development of your little ones' motor skills, and even all-wood fully recyclable dolls are available for your little princesses.

A great example is the rainbow wooden caterpillar Tea from the workshop of the Czech company Detoa. The tea is made of quality wood and the colors, thanks to which you will not just lose it in the clutter of other toys, they are not harmful to health. The parts from which the caterpillar is made are connected by an elastic band, which makes Tea an excellent tool for training fine motor skills, on which even the most ordinary little fingers can be removed. According to my main tester Štěpánek, Tea can be used as a bit when cutting the first teeth. 😊

Another advantage of wooden toys is their friendliness to nature, and we, as monkey mothers, certainly care about that. You can also buy toys locally, not only fruits and vegetables. 😊

A minor flaw in the beauty of wooden toys can in some cases be a slightly higher purchase price compared to similar toys made of plastic. However, when we recall the fact that wooden toys do not just destroy anything and that they are most likely to be inherited by younger siblings or your friends' children, environmental friendliness and, in most cases, a safety certificate, we can assume that this the investment will definitely pay off.

After all - what else should we put our money into than the happy smile of our little loves?

And what about you, dear monkey mothers, do you remember any of your favorite wooden toys that your baby is playing with, for example, after years? Show off to us in our comments, we look forward to seeing you!