Gabina is a real double monkey mother. She joined the Monkey Mum team to open the door to a new challenge. Our own creation! Unfortunately, we can't say more, but you can definitely look forward to a lot of amazing and at the same time tasteful monkey gadgets. Gabina is a seamstress who has been accompanied by a love of sewing and creation since childhood. As a child, she sewed doll clothes and modeled a modurite crockery. Gábina has been sewing for 15 years and with the arrival of her two monkeys, she focused on sewing children's decorations and toys. "Children are my inspiration. Their sincere joy and smile on their faces when they get my toy in my hands makes me extremely happy and is the greatest reward and motivation for me. I create with love, honesty and attention to detail." says Gábina about herself and we are very happy that we were able to welcome her to our team.