With the transition to artificial milk, or when introducing water or tea into the daily routine of a baby, many moms (including me) have been puzzled about what and how to wash baby bottles so that their use is as safe as possible for their crumbs. Commercial detergents are not suitable for us adults either, as monkey mothers we know this very well, so we will reject it right away. Ordinary cooking, as our grandmothers advise us, does not seem effective enough. Is there a brand on the Czech market that offers a suitable alternative?

Of course there is, what else would today's mlog be about? 😊

Imagine a company that produces ecological household cleaners, washing powders for sensitive (not only) children's skin and even boasts a dermatologically tested washing gel especially for pacifiers and baby dishes. An environmentally friendly company, therefore, most of the raw materials used in their products are easily degradable and all packaging is fully recyclable.
If you care about the environment, but at the same time you do not want to compromise on your high standards of cleaning, the products of the Czech brand Feel Eco will be the right thing for you.
I personally have been using this brand in our household for several years and I have always been very satisfied with all the products. That is why, with the arrival of the little monkey, my Feel Eco portfolio has expanded to include products designed to care for our little ones.
With the use of washing gel directly on bottles and pacifiers, I always feel calmer - after all, teats and pacifiers come into direct contact with the crumb of my crumb and therefore I want to be sure that they are always thoroughly washed and do not leave residues of unsuitable chemicals. Even if we talk about it, my naughty monkey is able to shove everything from stones in the sandpit to the dog pellets of our hairy darling, which undermines my efforts for thorough hygiene. 😊
Another nice bonus of the Feel Eco brand is the fact that their products are not tested on animals, do not contain dangerous preservatives and even though they are unscented, in my opinion they have a delicate pleasant scent and do not dry your skin during washing, on the contrary.
In addition, Feel Eco products are not only ecological, but also economical - thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients, it is always enough to use a few drops of gel or a small scoop of powder and the dishes or laundry will still be thoroughly cleaned. And we certainly like mothers on parental leave.
Do you already have experience with the Feel Eco brand? Share with us in the comments about your favorite product and inspire other Monkey Mums, we look forward to it!